Plant and Seed Database

The collection includes a variety of native flower, herb, and vegetable plants that were generously collected by staff and local growers.

What is a Seed and Plant Database?

Seed databases are a collection and distribution of a wide range of seeds/plants. We preserve and promote biodiversity, create a national seed/plant stock, and ensure that seeds/plants can benefit humanity by sharing and saving. We are very grateful to the University of Florida for allowing access to this database of Woody and Herbaceous Plants Native to Haiti, as well as the Rotarian Action Group for the database of Food Plants of Haiti displayed below.

Sharing and Saving Haiti's Plants and Seeds

Every food system is built on the seed. The seed & plant database aims to bring light and voice to the wisdom seed offers. 

We are preserving local climate-adapted seeds/plants in the hands of the people by working together.

You can browse our Seed Database through our catalogue!

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Jaden Lakou Initiatives

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