Fruit Tree Project

Fruit tree farming can transform how people relate to Haiti’s food system

How Does Tree Harvesting Work?

HDN’s Jaden Lakou Fruit Tree Farming project is a community-based initiative aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and economic development in rural Haiti. The project focuses on establishing fruit tree orchards in local communities, which not only provide a source of nutritious food but also create economic opportunities for farmers and their families.

Through the project, farmers receive training on sustainable agricultural practices, including soil conservation, organic pest management, and irrigation techniques. They also receive seedlings and other resources necessary to establish their own fruit tree orchards. By growing and selling fruits such as mangoes and plantains, farmers are able to generate income and improve their economic security.

The project also has a strong emphasis on community engagement and education. Community members are encouraged to participate in every aspect of the project, from planning and implementation to harvest and marketing. This creates a sense of ownership and pride in the project, which in turn promotes its sustainability.

Overall, the Fruit Tree Farming project is a powerful example of how sustainable agriculture can drive economic development and improve food security in rural communities. By empowering local farmers to take charge of their own livelihoods, the project is helping to build a more prosperous and resilient Haiti.

Volunteer and Get Involved

We’ll show you how to assess your tree’s health, introduce you to proper pruning techniques and tailor a pruning plan that meets your goals.

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