Civic Engagement

Building Trust Between People and Government

At the Haitian Development Network (HDN), we recognize that good government partnerships are essential to achieving our mission of sustainable development. We work closely with local, state, national, and international governments to advocate for policies that benefit the Haitian community and promote economic growth. Our government relations team monitors legislative and regulatory developments at all levels of government to identify opportunities for collaboration and to ensure that our members’ voices are heard.

Our team engages with policymakers, elected officials, and government agencies to provide them with accurate and timely information about the needs and priorities of the Haitian community. We also work to build relationships between government officials and our members to foster productive partnerships.

At HDN, collaboration between the government and the private sector is crucial to sustainable development. We work to build bridges between these two sectors to ensure that policies and initiatives are aligned with the Haitian Constitution and the needs of the people.

Our government relations team is committed to advocating for policies that promote economic growth, and environmental sustainability in Haiti. We believe that by working with government officials and other stakeholders, we can create a brighter future for Haiti and its people.


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“Citizenship entails civic duties. Every right is counterbalanced by a corresponding duty.” -Article 52 of the Haitian Constitution


Civic Engagement Workshop

Join us in our mission to promote Civic Engagement in Haiti.

Embrace your role in society and fulfill your moral, political, social, and economic obligations to the State and country. From respecting the Constitution and laws to voting in elections without constraint, our program instills core values that shape a strong foundation for an active and engaged citizenry.

Sign up for a free online Civic Engagement workshop where we are inspiring the citizens of Haiti to take active roles in their communities by educating them on the importance of article 52 of the Constitution.

When: Wednesdays at 10am

Where: Zoom

Our Work With Haitian Government

Here are our priorities and principles for helping the Haitian Diaspora

Protecting Haitian Communities

Our highest priority is making sure the Haitian population are safe and have the resources to thrive.

Bridge Government and Private Sector

Government and businesses need to benefit each other and be in balance for Haiti to prosper.

Promote Economic Growth

We work with government officials and other stakeholders, to empower economic success.

Encourage Business Cooperation

Together with our partners, we're working toward a brighter future for Haiti and its people.

Expert Advice and Information

Our team engages with policymakers, elected officials, and government agencies on current solutions.