Making #Haiti2050 a reality

HDN's Initiatives

Food Security

We teach micro gardening methods to decrease Haiti’s reliance on imported foods while addressing food insecurity.

Civic Engagement

We teach citizens about their rights and civic duties, ensuring that they never miss an opportunity to contribute.

The Iconic Citadelle Laferrière in Milot, Haiti

We promote agrarian activities, engaging in education, and exploration of Haiti’s history and breathtaking landmarks.


We bring people together in small groups, combining practical skills with crucial life principles to help them become self-reliant.

Haitian Development Network at a Glance

Measuring Our Impact, Empowering Our Mission

Our organization measures success through key performance indicators such as number of individuals served, the impact of our programs on the community, and the sustainability and growth of our initiatives.

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HDN's Support

Corporate Sponsorships

We are grateful for our corporate partners who share our passion for making a difference in Haiti. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the support of corporate partners to continue this vital work.

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