Nouveau Kiskeya 2023

Brief report on the activities realized by Nouveau Kiskeya with funding from HDN in Northwest Haiti during 2023

With the funding Nouveau Kiskeya received from HDN in 2023, we were able to accomplish the following:


  • 8 km of road rehabilitated
  • 5 km of canal constructed
  • 10 km of pipe acquired 
  • 80 workers hired to prepare soil
  • 80 households benefiting from crops
  • 125 workers hired to construct well system
  • 400 workers hired to contruct canal
  • Chicken farm realized
  • Local school supported

8 km of Road Rehabilitated

Rehabilitation of 8 kilometers of road from the Jean-Rabel/Port-de-Paix road to Nouveau Kiskeya.

The rehabilitated road serves both NK and the seaside village of Port-à-l’Ecu.

5 Kilometers of Canal Constructed

The canal, which is 1 meter deep and 1.5 meter wide, was dug by hand. About 400 workers were hired to dig the canal. 

80 Households Benefiting from Crops

The water carried by the canal is currently used to irrigate plots for 80 households. Whereas the land being irrigated was dry land that barely produced a little bit of crops every one, two, or three years, that land is now producing food continuously to the 80 households. Our goal is to expand the project so that more households may benefit from it. 

80 Workers Hired to Prepare Soil

About 80 workers were hired to work in soil preparation for the farming project.

Well System Constructed

Construction of a building that is currently housing a well system that will provide both drinking and irrigation water for about ten thousand people. 

10 km of Pipe Acquired

The pumping system has been installed on the well and the pipes that will be used to deliver the water over a distance of 10 kilometers have been acquired and transported on site, waiting to be installed. About 125 workers were hired in the construction of the well system.

Chicken Farm Realized

Realization of an experimental chicken farm

Local School Supported

Support to the NK School, which currently has about 200 students in classes from Pre-K through tenth grade.

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