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We are committed to improve the lives of Haitians and push for a stronger and more independent Haiti.

Jacques Jonassaint
Jacques Jonassaint Chairman and CEO

Jacques Jonassaint is the former Special Envoy of President Emile Jonassaint to the Clinton Administration during the 1991-1994 Haiti crisis. He participated with the pre-negotiations of the Port-au-Prince Accord signed by former President Jimmy Carter and President Emile Jonassaint on 9/18/1994. He is a recipient of the Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom.

Jonassaint has a Business Degree in Accounting, from Utah Valley University and a Masters Degree in Political Management from The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management.

Jonassaint is a visionary with the ability to rapidly conceptualize solutions and execute them. Proficient in turning raw ideas and resources into high-value results.

Email: jacques@hdn.org

Phone: 202-913-6699

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