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This section offers our readers documents (articles, books, videos, films, webinars, podcasts, etc.) from various web publications in English, French, Haitian Kreyòl or Spanish, that highlight inspiring actions, events, and initiatives from all over the world in the fields of education, economy and finance, food production (agriculture), infrastructure, communications, science, housing, entrepreneurship, community building, etc. 


Meet the West African Baker Reshaping French Pastry [in New York]

Amadou Ly is working wonders in laminated dough. 

By Diana Hubbell

There are days when Amadou Ly barely sees the sun. ALF Bakery, located on the subterranean level of Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, opens at 9:00 a.m., but Ly’s day starts hours earlier, in the dark, in his glass-walled work station in front of a piano-sized machine called a dough sheeter.

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Sustainable ways to grow fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers

By Laura Cowan

Sustainable gardening is a huge topic, so the best place to start is with what you really want to grow. Do you want to grow your own fruit trees? A vegetable garden? Herbs or flowers? Don’t worry. There is a process you can use to figure out basic sustainable gardening, and you can learn that process by the types of plant you want to grow. Here is how to grow different types of plants in a sustainable way at home.

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China Is Developing Rice That Grows in Saltwater

It could free up freshwater lands for other crops.

By Brad Bergan 

More than half the global population relies on rice to survive, but meeting that demand is difficult due to the increasing scarcity of freshwater, which is required for rice cultivation. To get around the problem, an 87-year-old Chinese scientist named Yuan Longping is developing a new high-yield strain of rice that grows in saltwater.

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