Transforming Haiti through sustainable gardening

Welcome to Jaden Lakou – your gateway to a sustainable and culturally significant solution for food insecurity in Haiti.


Why does Haiti need a sustainable solution for food insecurity?

Only 58% of the country’s estimated population of over 10 million have access to adequate food. According to data, 45% of Haitians suffer from malnutrition. Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the only countries with greater food insecurity.

Rural Haitians make up about 60% of the country’s income. The top five crops in Haiti in terms of production quantity are sugarcane, cassava, and sweet potato.

Only one-sixth of the land in Haiti is currently suitable for agriculture.

Smallholders in Haiti with less than two hectares of land have suffered a long history of food insecurity. This is mainly due to soil fertility and soil erosion. The 1999 Haitian soil erosion was 36 million tonnes or 1,319 tonnes/km2/year. In comparison, topsoil loss in the UK averaged 9 tonnes/km2/year between 2004 and 2005. Both anthropogenic and intrinsic factors contribute to soil erosion and infertility in Haiti. These include rainfall patterns, soil types, land gradients, soil types, and unsustainable farming practices by poor smallholders.

That’s where Jaden Lakou comes in.

Jaden Lakou: A sustainable solution 

Jaden Lakou is inspired by the concept of “victory gardens” in the US, which have proven to be highly successful in addressing food insecurity. By implementing this practice in Haiti, we aim to create a sustainable, diverse, and culturally significant solution to the pressing issue of food insecurity.


Boosting local economies and reducing imports

Food gardening is not only vital for individual households but also contributes significantly to national, regional, and local economies worldwide. By embracing Jaden Lakou’s approach, we can decrease reliance on imported foods, reduce farm subsidies, and minimize pesticide/antibiotic usage – resulting in a more self-sufficient and sustainable agricultural system.


Fostering social impact through backyard gardening

Jaden Lakou recognizes the positive social impact that backyard gardening can have on Haitian society. By empowering individuals with the means to grow their own food, we can strengthen communities and promote self-reliance. Backyard gardens become not only a source of income but also a platform for bartering services and fostering strong neighborhood ties.


Join us in creating a thriving community through sustainable gardening

Become part of the Jaden Lakou movement today! Together, we can transform Haiti’s food landscape, empower individuals economically, and build stronger communities through the power of sustainable gardening.


Reimagine the Food System in Haiti

Healthy food, communities, and a healthy environment are the core of our movement. By sharing our knowledge and practices, we empower others through sustainable projects and volunteer opportunities.

Similar to “America’s Patriotic Victory Gardens,” Jaden Lakou’s mission is to be a highly sustainable, diverse, and culturally significant practice that can solve food insecurity in Haiti.

Our Four Pillars

Our Children

Jaden Lakou educates youth about the importance of giving back and helping to strengthen our communities.

At Jaden Lakou, members learn teamwork, critical thinking, and community engagement skills. They also develop a sense of compassion and pride.

Our Businesses

Food Gardening is an essential contributor to many national, regional, and local economies in many countries around the globe.

Neighborhoods with micro gardens lowers inflation as large-scale agriculture competes with local markets for food.

Our Communities

Service is an integral part of Jaden Lakou's curriculum, and our members give hundreds of hours each year back to their communities.

We teach youth about giving back, improving their communities, and finding innovative solutions to problems large and small

Our Schools

Our communication arts curricula and programs emphasize communication and artistic expression, from filmmaking to photography.

Jaden Lakou's programs offer youth the chance to learn the latest technology. Our programs help with communication, creativity, and writing.

Give to Haiti

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Jaden Lakou Projects

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Fruit Tree Project
Community Orchard
Soil Amendments
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Seed Library
Community Food Project
School Workshops

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