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PEN-Haiti Centre in collaboration with the Haitian Development Network offers a short training course on publishing. Haitian Development Network

The PEN-Haiti Centre encourages all its volunteers to take part in a series of workshops organized especially for them on the publishing professions. Interested parties from outside PEN can also take part. The main aim is to give them a practical introduction to the work of book and print people in general, from selecting texts to editing, formatting and promoting them.

Mr. Jean Jonassaint, publisher and full professor at Syracuse University in the United States, will lead this series of workshops scheduled for Sundays, July 9, 16 and 23, 2023, from 2 to 4 pm (Haitian time). Participants will follow the online sessions from the premises of the Maurice A. Sixto Foundation. Sixto Foundation, located at 25 rue Gabart, Pétion-Ville.

Participation fees are 2,500 gourdes for PEN-Haiti volunteers and 5,000 gourdes for outsiders. The PEN-Haiti Centre will present each participant with a certificate at the end of the workshop series. Registration forms are available from Liz Naïka Sajuste at the PEN-Haiti Centre, 7 rue Levasseur, Delmas 75. Please contact Madame Sajuste at her e-mail address:

To confirm your participation or for further information, please contact us by e-mail at, preferably before July 2, 2023.


In the process of publishing a book, professionals work in a coordinated way to achieve the ultimate goal of making the work accessible to the reader. Professor Jonassaint, a career publisher and researcher, will explain the tasks of people such as manuscript readers, manuscript editors and proofreaders, copy preparers and layout artists, and press officers. In addition, a session with the participation of Dr. Asselin Charles, translator of Anténor Firmin and Frankétienne among others, will focus on translation, a process which, like manuscript revision, involves interpretation and rewriting. This will give all participants a hands-on understanding of the role of these publishing specialists.

We urge you to get involved.

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