Haitian Development Network Responds to the June 6, 2023 Haiti Earthquake

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after an earthquake

On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, a 4.9 struck southern Haiti, killing at least three people and displacing thousands. This comes as flooding from torrential rains have already killed an estimated 42 people.

These natural disasters are a combination of lack proper infrastructure for earthquake resistant buildings and drainage systems, deforestation in Haiti has resulted in the loss of vegetation that helps to retain water and reduce runoff, High levels of poverty and the growth of informal settlements in vulnerable areas, and natural hurricanes and tropical storms which bring intense rainfall and storm surges.

This year has seen too much death in our beautiful homeland. From gang violence and the rising vigilantism to natural disasters, the infrastructure of Haiti is not able to keep up with the basic needs of the Haitian people. So many have died, and now thousands more are without homes. They lack the means to get food and water and shelter.

We applaud the many governments and nonprofits who are pushing to provide needed support for the Haitian people.

However, we know from experience that much of the resources that are promised to Haiti will not arrive at our shores. Corruption and greed thrive, and the Haitian families who have the greatest need are left wanting. For example, when the United States and Canadian governments promise billions of dollars in foreign aid for Haiti, we have seen those billions of dollars diminish to mere thousands as corrupt players sue the money for personal and political gains.

The Haitian Development Network is committed to change that. We work closely with allies in Haiti to give resources directly to the Haitian families most affected. We pride ourselves on being transparent and accountable. When you donate to the Haitian Development Network, you can elect to fund any of our initiatives.

When you donate to Jaden Lakou, you fund our agricultural initiatives. We use those donations to teach small farmers how to grow sustainable and culturally important crops and use those crops to feed neighborhoods.

When you donate to our educational initiatives, you give to over 14 partnered schools in Haiti. You help us provide lunches, desks, books, and other important learning resources for the future of Haiti.

And when you give to our governmental initiatives, you help us fight for honest leadership in Haiti, and help us promote such efforts as fighting deforestation, a known cause of the severe flooding we see almost every year.

We ask for your help. Donate to the Haitian Development Network. And join our growing Network. Together, we can make a true and lasting different for Haiti by 2050.

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