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Marathon Reading of The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley

On Sunday, October 29, from 6AM to midnight, the Met will embark on a marathon reading of the entire Autobiography of Malcolm X, as Told to Alex Haley, presented on the Grand Tier of the Metropolitan Opera House, in connection with the company premiere of Anthony Davis’s opera X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X. The reading is free and open to the public, and all members of the community are invited to hear the words of the iconic civil rights leader delivered live by an array of performers, writers, artists, scholars, students, and others. Thulani Davis, the opera’s librettist, has organized the event in collaboration with the acclaimed Elevator Repair Service theater company, which specializes in durational readings. Geoffrey Jackson Scott joins the creative team to bring this monumental project to life.  

This epic 18-hour reading, the first time ever that the complete book has been presented publicly in this way, promises to be a landmark event for the Met and for New York City.

Click here for more information about the Met premiere of X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X, and to buy tickets.

Capacity and seating at this event is limited. Entry at specific times cannot be guaranteed.



The Making of Malcolm

X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X was a groundbreaking work when it had its world premiere at New York City Opera in 1986. With its all-Black team of creators, its realistic retelling of recent history, and its depiction of a controversial public figure, it pushed the boundaries of the art form and paved the way for dozens of subsequent works that brought present-day issues to the operatic stage. Remarkably, the minds behind all belong to a single family: Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Anthony Davis, celebrated poet and librettist Thulani Davis, and Christopher Davis, who translated the reality of Malcolm X’s life into a theatrical story. In advance of its November 3 company premiere, the Davis trio discussed how the powerful work came to be.

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