Nearly Half of Haiti is Going Hungry

Haiti has one of the highest levels of food insecurity in the world. You can help support rural Haitian communities through HDN’s various food security programs in Haiti.

Charitable Purpose

The Haitian Development Network (HDN) is non-profit league of 501(c)(3) IRS registered charities dedicated to aid and support Haiti and its people.  The Haitian Development Network (HDN) assists family and smallholder farmers in food security and economic development.

With your help, the Haitian Development Network can address food insecurity in Haitian communities through community gardens, seed programs, and poultry programs. 

Seed Program

“Farmers in Haiti lack support, with virtually no access to agriculture extension services that could improve their yields to better feed the people and boost their incomes. They cannot purchase enough to meet domestic consumption needs – even though 60% of Haitians participate in agriculture. Insufficient inputs and scant access to technical assistance for adapting practices to a changing climate, along with recurrent droughts, restrict both the quality and quantity of crops produced.”

Our seed program can provide assistance to 200 family farms by providing them with the seeds necessary to cultivate their land along with supervision from a trained agronomist and laborers to work the fields. Participants choose from a seed selection of corn, millet, lima beans, and lentils and attend mandatory training on how to best plant their seeds.

Community Gardens

Food gardening is an essential contributor to many national, regional, and local economies in many countries around the globe, with both temperate and tropical climates. Urban and rural residents should have small garden plots, most of which grow food for subsistence and the market. These gardeners can also reap many of the benefits associated with micro-scale food production. Both rural and urban gardeners’ primary source of income is their garden.

HDN works with local communities to establish orchards and gardens for hundreds of families in areas lacking fresh produce access. Our team provides technical assistance and training to community members to help them develop the skills they need to cultivate and maintain their gardens. We fund the construction of necessary canals, piping, and reservoirs to provide water access to remote areas.

Poultry Program

Raising chickens is an excellent way to reduce food insecurity. Imagine a world where small garden plots in urban and rural areas not only provide food for subsistence and the market but also offer an incredible opportunity for transformational income. Our business idea focuses on backyard poultry rearing, a low-barrier industry with minimal infrastructure requirements. By raising chickens, individuals can experience rapid returns on investment while contributing to their community’s food security. We aim to ignite a local food movement that encourages Haitians to take charge of their own food production. By promoting the idea of raising backyard birds, we empower individuals to grow their own food, leading to greater self-sufficiency and improved access to nutritious meals.

With your help, we can support 200 families in the Northwest of Haiti by providing them with a pair of chickens to begin breeding and become self-sufficient. Participants must build chicken houses on their property to keep them safe and must be available for 2 supervisory visits per month with a veterinarian. 

Why does HDN desire to help in this way?

A landmark study by Harvard University recognizes Haiti’s potential to move from its current crisis to a leading economic nation in the Caribbean Basin. In a Haitian Development Network broadcast, Executive Director Jacques Jonassaint outlines the Harvard study and the efforts HDN is making to realize Haiti’s potential.

Highlights include:

  • Key to Haiti’s success are its resilient people, abundant initiative and resources, as well as a strong and growing desire to move the country forward.
  • Haiti’s rich endowments include a blessed geographical location, an engaged population, and productive land that, according to the Harvard study, “create a foundation for prosperity” — true economic development and long-term growth.
  • With proper leadership, Haiti can move beyond dependence on foreign aid into a collaborative process involving leadership at multiple levels, participation by local and foreign companies, a strong agricultural sector, industry associations, educational and research institutions, as well as Haiti’s communities and citizens.
  • True prosperity will be supported by non-governmental organizations, corporations, and local stakeholders — citizens at the local level who can realize success in an environment of trust and stability — an environment that allows prosperity to become deeply rooted.

The Harvard study confirms priorities and principles found within the Haitian Development Network’s Haiti 2050 initiative which include:

  1. Creating sustainable economic development in an environment with responsible regulations and limited taxation on both business and private enterprise.
  2. Rebuilding Hai8’s agricultural community to solve food insecurity at home and sell to markets abroad.
  3. Educating the future by providing resources to students, families, and teachers.
  4. Strengthening and supporting the rule of law in a way that provides safety and a stable environment where individuals, families, and businesses can thrive.
  5. Engaging international partners — corporations, governments, financial institutions, and NGOs who share legitimate mutual interests with Haiti, and who will benefit from that country’s bright and promising future.
  6. Promoting a new hope and behavior that springs from a sustainable spiritual rebirth — one that strengthens our social contract.
  7. Guaranteeing transparency, from government activities and commercial engagement to international partnerships and daily transactions.

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