Voter Participation in Haiti Key to Economic Prosperity

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“There is no truth to the phrase “bad elections are better than no elections.” If the international community allows Haiti’s runoff presidential elections to proceed before a thorough investigation that includes a full recount, it will condemn Haiti to five years of a legal but illegitimate regime that does not reflect the will of the Haitian voter. This will not further Haiti’s democratization process and will not lead to political stability. For Haiti’s sake, let us improve the electoral infrastructure before we move forward.”

Why is the US so adamant about a recount in Haiti? Perhaps we should use the same talking points former Secretary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl D. Mills, gave to her boss about the 2010 presidential elections in Haiti, “We are here with a simple message with respect to the elections: the voices of the people of Haiti must be heard. The votes of the people of Haiti must be counted fairly. And the outcome of this process must reflect the true will of the Haitian people. That is the only interest of the United States. We will stand in solidarity with all those pursuing these goals, and we will stand against those who seek to undermine them.”

The role of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2010 presidential elections were revealed in e-mail exchanges that were made public as part of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. 

Since the election of President Michel Martelly, Haiti has had no elections. The American people would be very disgusted if they knew how their government is manipulating their sovereignty on behalf of a few corporations. Chelsea Clinton for one expressed her disgust in a private e-mail to her parents. The 2015 elections in Haiti were rigged by the Martelly’s regime. As President Bush said, “successful societies prohibit and punish official corruption.”

When elections are tainted with fraud or allegations of frauds, a recount is necessary for the democratic process to inspire confidence in government. The truth is, the prosperity, and social vitality and technological advancement of a people are directly determined by extent of their freedom. 

Independence is both the plan of God for humanity and the greatest hope for progress here on earth. Successful societies protect freedom with the consistent and impartial rule of law. All nations, including Haiti, have a right of self-determination. It is the right of Haitians and Haitian alone to determine their destiny and that of their nation. 

After more than 100 years of US policy of interference in Haitian affairs and military intervention in Haiti has not fostered more democracy, nor has it made the Haitian people more prosperous. This neocolonialist behavior where the US collaborates with some of the faux elite families in Haiti to govern the country by proxy must be stopped. Here are a couple of links that shed some light into the role of Secretary Clinton in the 2010 elections in Haiti

US interference is at the core of the problem in Haiti and former Secretary Clinton made it part of her State Department foreign policy vis a vis Haiti. 

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