Virtual Primary Care Plan

The Future of Healthcare

Virtual Primary Care

Unlike Telemedicine where you see a different doctor every time, our service offers a 1:1 doctor relationship! When the doctor is responsible for ongoing care, the doctor can deliver the most personalized and effective medical care.

Chronic Condition Monitoring

A dedicated doctor monitors your condition! Not a nurse/case manager. You pay a one-time fee of $100 for a monitoring device kit that sends data directly to the doctor.
When the readings are off, the doctor reaches out via text/video to treat.

Labs Market Access

If you are in a high deductible health plan or have no insurance, lab tests can be expensive. You can get up to 75% lower cash prices with labs listed on our market!
Your doctor orders the labs for you.

Electronic Medical Records

Collecting medical records is time consuming & frustrating. We gather & organize your records into a single, easy to read document. One click access for you!

Doctor Quality Ratings

Don’t mistake patient reviews for quality! We rate doctors based on their clinical out-comes, complication rates, re-admissions etc… Pick the highest quality doctors!

Rx Membership

If you are in a high deductible health plan or have no insurance, medications can be expensive. Get up to 90% discount at most major pharmacies by using our membership card!