Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees can adopt Remmedy


NOTICE: This page is for informational and general guidance purposes, it should not be relied upon for any decision you make for your company or employees. Please consult appropriate tax, accounting and legal professionals before taking action.

If you have fewer than 50 employees the Affordable Care Act does not require you to provide qualifying health insurance to your employees. You are free to choose Remmedy (a non-insurance solution) to provide your team with dramatically improved care and savings.

Enrolling in Remmedy

All companies enrolling in Remmedy must obtain a unique company enrollment URL from an authorized Remmedy reseller. Then have your team enroll—we will not bill your company or your employees, but will give you a quote on monthly membership for your team. Converting your quote to an active benefit program is as simple as adding a start date and updating the status to “active.”

(If you have an up-to-date employee census in a CSV file, your agent can help you upload it to generate your quote.)

All companies enrolling in Remmedy pay 100% of the membership fees for all members. The employer is then free to recover an employee portion through a payroll deduction. If cash-flowing this is still problematic for your small business, you can promote Remmedy to your employees for their direct enrollment or perhaps consider the DPC-Only.

Remmedy and the Federal Marketplace

The insurance requirement under the ACA only applies if you have more than 50 employees or “full-time equivalents.” To avoid audits and fines, seek expert legal and tax advice regarding your employee count. If you and your advisers determine you are subject to the ACA insurance requirement, click on over 50 employees. Also, the Federal and State Insurance Marketplaces track applicants per employer. The word on the street is that it can trigger an audit if you have as few as 35 employees on the marketplace. Whether you pay for all, or part, or none of your employee’s Remmedy solution, it can help to keep them off of the marketplace. So, if your employees are well paid and 3FPL or 4FPL (three or four times the federal poverty level), you may want to promote Remmedy to them so that they save and you keep your marketplace employee count down.

When is Remmedy NOT a good solution?

Keep in mind that Remmedy may not be ideal for all of your employees. If your average employee is 2FPL or lower, they may likely be best served on the marketplace. (Although Remmedy’s care quality will always far surpass any insurance alternative.) Some may have to take expensive drugs that Remmedy does not cover. Some may have preexisting conditions that require immediate coverage (like an existing pregnancy or a pending surgery), which would have no major medical protection in the first year under Remmedy. Of course, with dramatic savings monthly plus the benefits of better health care, it still may be “in the money” for even these to convert to Remmedy. Otherwise, these few can safely apply on the marketplace.

We are happy to help you evaluate and navigate special circumstances as you implement Remmedy.

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