Health Sharing Plan

Our Health Sharing Medical plans offers major medical and lifetime protection for individuals and families. No religious affiliations qualifications. No medical screening required. No denial of membership because of preexisting conditions. However, they do have payout limitations for medical needs directly related to any preexisting condition.

Health sharing medical plans are ways to plan for unexpected health care expenses if you don’t have health insurance coverage.

Health sharing medical plans are not health insurance programs. They are an alternative way of protecting you and your family from a catastrophic health event.

Health-sharing medical plans help you share the costs and expenses with other members in the plan as you band together to help each other pay for each other medical expenses.

When it comes to healthcare spending, you should be able to choose.

HDN seeks to bring clarity and simplicity to your medical costs and expenditures.

Our programs are structured to give you and your family the flexibility to select the contribution and share amounts that best match your resources and circumstances.

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