All employers can add Remmedy to their Health Benefits mix


NOTICE: This page is for informational and general guidance purposes, it should not be relied upon for any decision you make for your company or employees. Please consult appropriate tax, accounting and legal professionals before taking action.

Remmedy is NOT A QUALIFYING INSURANCE PLAN and will not satisfy the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for you to supply qualifying health insurance to your employees. To fail to offer qualifying insurance is to subject your company to potential penalties.

HOWEVER . . . this does not mean you cannot offer Remmedy to your employees. After all, it is far better healthcare. There is a simple way to use Remmedy to “average down” your overall health benefits costs.

Because the ACA’s Individual Mandate Penalty was eliminated in 2019, your employees can choose to reject your qualifying health benefit plan. Once this is accomplished (and documented in our enrollment process), that employee is free to sign up for Remmedy, and you, the employer, are free to pay for it. Make sure this is done in a non-discriminatory manner.

A second caution here is to make sure that your group insurance plan does not become too small thus adversely impacting your pricing for your qualifying insurance plan. We will help you navigate this process.

For Self-funded Employers

For self-funded plans, including MEWAs, employers may consider calling on Remmedy for just our Direct Primary Care component (without the health sharing piece) because of its ability to dramatically reduce your company’s major medical risk. It takes care of employees’ primary care, urgent care, and mental health. It also comes with the at-work mobile clinic and at-work telehealth (as well as at-home telehealth).

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