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Medical Bankruptcy Is Killing The American Middle Class

A study by researchers at the American Public Journal of Health (APJH) cites the example of a Nobel Laureate selling his medal to pay for medical bills. The same study mentioned the more than 250,000 GoFundme medical campaigns in 2013 alone. Another study found over 500,000 families declare bankruptcy every year because of medical bills. Court records of bankruptcy filers from 2013 to 2016 shows that over 66% were tied to medical issues.

28 million Americans dont have any health coverage.

Even for people with insurance, more often than not, the coverage is so weak that individuals still face bills for prescriptions and other incidentals they are unable to pay for.

Copays and deductibles have risen so much over the years, with some deductibles now at $5,000 and more.

Many Americans feel they can’t afford to use their health insurance because if faced with any unexpected medical bill in the next 30 days, they could not come up with $1,000.


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