Get in shape without leaving home

The 5 Elements of Fitness

A good fitness program has five components, all of which you can do at home:

  • A warmup
  • A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout
  • Resistance (strength-building) exercises
  • Flexibility moves
  • A cool-down

Resistance bands and jump ropes are inexpensive ways to create a routine that works for all the major muscle groups.

  • Consistency is key!
  • Get a great workout!
  • Adopt fitness as a lifestyle!

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All exercises can be accessed anytime, anywhere!


Resistance bands strengthen your overall body and enhance your mobility. They are low-impact and joint-friendly—All-in-one gym.

Resistance bands are affordable, travel-friendly, and extremely versatile. They are the piece de resistance you should have in your fitness arsenal at home, at the office, or while traveling.  

Each band comes with a level—extra light, light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy—so start with the loosest and work your way up to the medium and heavier ones, which are targeted for more intermediate and advanced strength training. Sufficiently versatile enough to be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Incorporate resistance bands
into your strength training workout.

Convenient to keep in your home, apartment or office and mall enough to toss in your suitcase or purse while traveling.

You can secure it below your feet or under your knee for different levels of support when you use them for pull-up assistance.

A resistant band is perfect for arms with comfortable foam handles (see ya, blisters) and 3 resistance levels. At the same time, regular gym-goers can layer all the bands together for the ultimate challenge.

A resistance band can fuel and strengthen the hips and glutes; just slip it around your knees, walk with long strides to warm up.

The set consists of 5 bands (with resistance levels ranging from 10-50 pounds) that you can add for a combined 150 pounds if you want a good challenge. It also comes with a metal clipping system to attach bands to soft-grip handles, a door anchor, ankle strap, and an exercise scheme.

Plus, there’s a complimentary gym bag so you can keep them organized at home or take them with you when you travel.

This at-home fitness kit is all the equipment you'll need for a full-body conditioning.